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Astral Rewards Card

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With the Astral Rewards Card, our customers gain access to even more great benefits and services in the Rocky Mount and surrounding areas! Each time an Astral Rewards Card holder receives repair work on their vehicle by us, 10% of their final bill will be credited to their card.

Now the fun doesn't stop there! If your friends and family have their vehicles repaired by us and gave us your account number from your card, 10% of their bill will go right to your card!

How It Works
Let's say Susan had her vehicle repaired by Astral Auto Repairs and her final bill came to $157.92 after parts and labor. $15.79 would go right onto her Astral card. Now let's say two months later, she needed another repair that came to $60.00 after parts and labor. $6.00 will be added to her Astral card. Her total available balance would now be $21.79!

Now lets say if Susan's friend had her car fixed and the cost was $682.00 and after the repair, she gave us susan's account number to add the 10% too. Susan's account would be credited $68.20, which would make her available balance $89.99!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fast growing family of Astral Auto Repairs and experience what it feels like to be treated like a family member, and not just another customer! To get your Astral Rewards Card and become a member of our growing family,

Once you become a member and your account is activated, login to your account and request the Astral Rewards Card by clicking on the available link.

Still have questions? Click here to view the rules and most asked questions, or contact us.

Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance brings the automotive and home maintenance industry right to you! No more calling for tow trucks and no more searching for a reliable home maintenance business that is not only fair, but trusting as well. Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance has been repairing vehicles for over 20 years and keeping homes in top shape for over 10, and this is only the beginning! Put the safety of your family in our hands and experience all what Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance has to offer.

Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance