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The History Of Astral Auto Repairs
Astral Auto Repairs started out in long Island, NY as Pink Panther Auto Repairs in 1985 and continued servicing the people of Long Island until January of 2006. Due to high ever increasing inflation of NY, Pink Panther Auto decided to make a huge business decision to move the company to a place which the company could grow beyond belief.

The decision was made to move to the city of Rocky Mount located in North Carolina because relatives of the owners were already residing inside the city of Rocky Mount. The move came in June of 2006 in which the company purchased a U-Haul truck for the big move. With a big move came big changes for Pink Panther Auto Repair.

The owners decided to change the name of the company to Astral Auto Repairs which meant that the company is beyond ordinary repair shops. Astral Auto Repairs was breaking out from the everyday hassle people faced with automotive repair shops by providing a service that is unmatched by any and all.

If we can't repair it, NOBODY CAN!

The Latest Technology & Equipment!
Today's high tech vehicles demand much more from the mechanics of yesterday. That is the primary reason that in today's time, a person who repairs vehicles is no longer considered a mechanic, but a technician! If your current auto repair shop does not have complete up-to-date information and hands on knowledge about your vehicle, then your dealing with a mechanic, not a technician.

Astral Auto Repairs supplies our technicians with the most current, up-to-date and comprehensive automotive repair data on the market today! We pride ourselves on standing by our motto: "If we can't repair it, NOBODY CAN!"

We are the ONLY automotive repair shop that carries the most up-to-date information pertaining to every foreign, domestic, and european cars today! If your current repair shop is not up-to-date with all the necessary information to fix your car, then they would be just guessing at your expense!

Can you afford to take a chance at someone guessing at todays labor rates?

Astral Auto Repairs brings the automotive industry right to you! No more calling for tow trucks and no more searching for a reliable auto repair business that is not only fair, but trusting as well. Astral Auto Repairs &  has been repairing vehicles for over 20 years, and this is only the beginning! Put the safety of your family in our hands and experience all what Astral Auto Repairs has to offer.

Astral Auto Repairs