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The Astral Credit Card provides a way for our customers to not only have a way to pay for automotive repairs provided by us, but be able to purchase items and services from local small businesses who are in our network. By providing our very own credit card, we can offer the lowest interest rate on any credit card on the financial market.

At a low interest rate of only 10% and very low monthly payments, The Astral Credit Card has been designed to give the consumer the ability to stay away from high interest credit cards and paying on them for years with making only a small dent in the balance.

The Astral Credit Card is only available to customers of Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance and your available credit is based on your tier (tier 5 minimum). Available credit ranges from $1000 up to $10,000 and can be used on any service or products from Astral Auto Repairs or any business who has met the requirements to become a part of our network.

In order to find out what tier you are, you must be registered into our system. Once you become a registered member, just login to your account and your tier will be shown to you. There is no credit check or no work history required to own your very own Astral Credit Card because your commitment in using our services is enough for us.

How do I get my card? If you are a customer of Astral, just login to your account and click on the link that says "Get My Astral Credit Card".

Is there a monthly or yearly fee? NO

Can I use my card to pay for a family member's car repair? Yes, but remember that you are responsible for ALL payments.

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Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance brings the automotive and home maintenance industry right to you! No more calling for tow trucks and no more searching for a reliable home maintenance business that is not only fair, but trusting as well. Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance has been repairing vehicles for over 20 years and keeping homes in top shape for over 10, and this is only the beginning! Put the safety of your family in our hands and experience all what Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance has to offer.

Astral Auto Repairs & Home Maintenance