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Providing such a unique service like Astral Auto Repairs brings up a lot of questions from new and current customers. Hopefully all your questions can be answered on this page as we have put together the most common set of questions we have been asked. If your question(s) cannot be answered by this page, then please contact us so that we can assist you.

Can I supply my own parts for a repair?
Yes, but there are a few conditions and rules that apply:

1. There will NOT be any warranty of any kind once the job is complete

2.The total for the labor must be paid to the technician BEFORE he starts the repair.

3. If the technician has to wait for you to go and pick up the part, there is a $25 per half hour charge (minimum $25) which must be paid before he finishes the repair.

4. If the technician has to come back another day because you can't get the part (example: not in stock), there is a $25 charge and you will be given the next available appointment.

What happens if the technician diagnoses my vehicle, but it does not fix the problem?
1. If Astral diagnoses the vehicle, supplies ALL the parts, and repairs it, but it does not fix the problem, the customer is not held responsible for any charges.

2. If Astral diagnoses the vehicle, does not supply the parts, and does not do the repair, there is no warranty or gaurantee your vehicle will be repaired because we cannot gaurantee the quality of the parts or the person you hired to do the job.

Do you have a payment plan or offer credit?

My car doesn't start, can you tell me how much it costs to fix it over the phone?
NO, there are thousands of reasons why a vehicle will not start and there is no way we can tell over the phone. The vehicle must be diagnosed first, then we can give an estimate on what it would cost to repair it.

Astral Auto Repairs brings the automotive industry right to you! No more calling for tow trucks and no more searching for a reliable auto repair business that is not only fair, but trusting as well. Astral Auto Repairs &  has been repairing vehicles for over 20 years, and this is only the beginning! Put the safety of your family in our hands and experience all what Astral Auto Repairs has to offer.

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